Wearables: Workshop Production and Practice

This February I tought a blocked week-long seminar at the LMU, in collaboration with Karin Guminski as well as Michael Dietrich from SPIELkultur. On this course the students were introduced to the basic techniques of wearable electronics. They were then split in three groups. The rest of the time was spent on brainstorming and workshop development, acquisition of materials, planning, designing, etc. On the last day of the seminar we went to Nymphenburger Gymnasien to test out the workshops with the students' of the 10th grade there. It was a very exciting experience for the students on the course, they mastered the whole day brilliantly and enjoyed teaching a lot. Here is a much better report about the seminar by one of my lovely students Teresa Biersack. (Sorry it's in German.) But hopefully it gives you an idea about the whole seminar.



A thousand thanks to everyone involved! It was a huge fun and worked out really well for all students!


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