100 Word Pilgrimage is coming to Munich!

Ever since I've been back to Munich, I wanted to introduce the concept of the 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibitions we've done with Beddow n Battini collective in London. (Here is what I've written about the three previous shows focusing on different parts of London in December 2012, April-May and June 2013.) The concept is very simple and prolific: first the writers embark on a pilgrimage to a specific place or area of the city and write down their impressions in 100 words. Then they pass these writings on to the illustrators, who pursue this narrative with visual means. Finally, the animators combine the writings and illustrations and bring the whole story to life, embedding their own ideas and impressions. During the exhibition visitors can access the animations with their smartphones or tablets, using the augmented reality app Aurasma.

Flyer design: Mirko Kahl, illustration: Rosy Wilson

And now it's finally official! The opening of the 100 Word Pilgrimage Munich will be on 8 May 2014, 7pm at PLATFORM, Kistlerhofstr. 70 (U3 Aidenbachstr.)! It will run from 9th until 12th May, from 11am until 7pm. (You can sign up for this event on FB.) Throughout the whole exhibition it will be possible to go on a self-initiated pilgrimage to the places we picked for our artwork, solve some riddles on the way there and discover the city from a new angle.  During the weekend we'll be also offering artists & writers talks at their spots in the city. Watch out for further details coming soon!

What's new about the Munich edition of the project, is that we added an international flavour to it: I was very lucky to gather a lovely and very talented team of Munich artists from different areas and backgrounds. I also invited the Beddow n Battini artists from London who came down to Munich last week to develop new artwork in collaboration with the local team of artists and writers.

Wumi & Tyutchev
Ice cream and sun at Wei├čenburgerplatz

Perfect idyll in the middle of the city
Camille on her pilgrimage to Entenbach
And Wumi exploring Mae West at Effnerplatz
Karim and his Branauerbr├╝cke
Upon arrival of our London colleagues we embarked on a pilgrimage through Munich with the whole crew, enjoying the sun and the advantages of an alternative city tour, soaking in the atmosphere and generally having fun. The following days everyone was set out to explore their individual spots, after which we moved to our guest studio at PLATFORM to work on draw-ups and write-ups. It turned out to be incredibly fruitful to work in a creative environment like this, being able to get an immediate competent feedback. I was also fascinated by the variety of approaches for drafting an artwork - switching from analog to digital means back and forth several times.

Iris visiting with her family

Camille bending over the ground out lightbox

Brigitte brought us her dwarfs on canvas

Wumi cutting out his lino Mae west

Sandra sketching a secret spot at Odeonsplatz

I hope that after these insights into the making of the project you'll be intrigued to see the exhibition on 8 May! If that's still not enough: Alexander Vynograd will be playing his amazing 8-string guitar during the opening night! Come along and bring your friends!


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