Fairy-tales-telling Bags - Workshop with Stadtbibliothek Milbertshofen

This is a workshop I've been doing at the Situlischule in North Munich end of February, assisted by the super talented Fanny. It was commissioned by Stadtbibliothek Milbertshofen as part of their programme "Echt Schön", and if you drop by the exhibition which opened yesterday, you will see the speaking bags we've created back then.
All pictures are courtesy of Franziska Tachtler and Franziska Schiessl
It was a workshop with a nice twist to what I've done previously: the kids had written their stories in advance, all of them describing a character with ugly looks, which would turned into a beauty in the end or would suddenly realise how beautiful it was due to other positive qualities. Fanny and myself helped the children to illustrate their stories by redesigning the library bag and incorporating the 2 min sound modules, which we hacked together.

Then everyone recorded their story... 
...glued the final layers...

...and made soldering fixes

...and the story-telling bags with individual soft button were finished! A huge 'thank you' to everyone involved in this crafty morning session: Fanny Tachtler, Katja Knoblauch, Miriam Brugger and Franziska Schiessl!


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