New Beginnings

Goodbye London -

  hello Munich!

A new beginning in the new year. New flat and new jobs to come, and hopefully a new city to rediscover. Until then: lots of food.

This year was a special one, taking place in a vibrant extraordinary city which became part of myself. 

In numbers: 

- took part in two exhibitions, one performance and one workshop
- became a Master of Art and a fan of media archaeology and glitch art.
- became obsessed with wearable electronics, conductive ink, arduino and makey-makey
- became a street art fanatic
- met fantastic media artists, illustrators, glitch artist, animators and other crazy people
- visited three Secret Cinema events and one Future Cinema
- traveled to Berlin, Bristol, Brighton, Bath, etc. Spring in Ireland and autumn in Wales. WARM SUN! I MISS U!
 - learned to bake scones and perfected the art of cupcakes
- hosted 25 people in a studio flat

Wish everyone a happy, peaceful and warm year!! And a lot of creative energy!


  1. What a bummer, that I haven't time to read this post yesterday! I would ask you a pair words :)

    1. Haha, I didn't know the word 'bummer' for instance ;)
      You can still ask me about everything!

      Thank you sooo much for the wonderful two weeks spent together and for hosting a crowd of people! Lots of love from Munich!

  2. Have a wonderful life in Munich! x


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