Les fotos

Just to demonstrate the English way of life... socialising and PUBS :)

 Having a proper English breakfast in Egham with Mitechka.

Can he get away with that?

 Our flat mate Stefan took us on an icecream tour

Just to get the we-are-still-tourists feeling

 Introducing Christian to our local pub... Or the other way round? It just HAD to be done!

 What was so funny?

Ask this cocktail!

No wonder they don't know how to bake it in this country!



  1. hihi :)))

    What's that place in Egham where you were with Mitechka, I don't know it! I thought i know already everything there :)

    Yes, that guy on the red sign carry hard things :)) (there has to be some english byword like "er hat's schwer zu tragen", isn't it?)

    Thank you for the lovely fotos! :)

    Anka, sister (in law)

  2. that place in egham is actually just downstair from Mitechka's flat :) that's where Mitechka and Natashechka eat if they don't cook at home. and it's extremely cheap with the student discount

    maybe something like "he has quite a burden to carry", but that's not exactly the same. pseudo-banksy :)

  3. thank you for the lovely comment, schwesterin in law! :))))


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