The first week of teaching passed...

It's been a really intensive week, but it was just the beginning. Everything's gonna get even worse. In a very positive way. Puff, I have courses every day!

Monday morning and the whole Tuesday: critical practice in the lab with Graham Harwood (media art +  coding)
 Graham shakes us, tries to confuse us in our understanding of media and of the world in general so far, this 
 method is called defamiliarisation.
 It was veeery intensive this week and everybody was really confused afterwards!

Wednesday: media theory with Luciana Parisi (lecture + seminar)
Very interesting! After being introduced to new media theorists and their concepts we discussed them in the seminar. I've already bought a FAT reader for this course.

Thursday: technical workshops with Alan
 Learned some Linux commands. And I'm really looking forward to "meeting" Arduino in a couple of weeks.

Friday: option course Mediating the Social with Goetz Bachmann (lecture + 3 hours lab)
Love it! Again, it's both theory and practice. The cool thing is that we work together with the students of    
the newly established MA programme Creating Social Media, which sounds really exciting! And before     
creating the online social life, we start with getting to know the offline beginnings. That's why we started with ethnography and its methods. Very exciting! Apart from reading we get a task for every week. For instance,  this week we are supposed to go to a really weird place we wouldn't normally go to and hang out with the people there. Afterwards we should run to the toilet and make some secret notes. And then write everything 
down in a neatly way at home :)

As you can see, life is very  intense here... And the crazy thing is that we've got plans for every evening of the upcoming week. Feel like we're at home and not in a new place where you hardly know anybody. 

Ilya has a job interview tomorrow. It's a Swiss advertising company and they are just four people in their London office. So let's see what it's gonna be like. We still don't have a flat, but will try to get a better price for a studio we kind of liked just minutes away from the tube station Canada Water.  

That's it so far. Sorry for all my spelling and other mistakes, I'm just too tired :)


  1. very interesting!

  2. thanx! It might be a bit boring for some people, but it's rather a documentation for myself.

  3. How is Marburg doing? Love and miss you, but see you really soon!!!


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