Berlin Street Art -and- museums

After the Alternative London Tour which I did in October and was praising it to heaven (here), my expectations for the Alternative Berlin Tour were probably too great... Our guide couldn't quite live up to my expectations. He turned out to be a passionate squatter, but didn't seem to be particularly interested in street art. Moreover, he was talking about my favourite street artist in a slightly ignorant manner.

Trying to overcome these negative vibes, I managed to take some nice pictures.
The most impressive part of the tour was walking around Hackescher Höfe:

left: beautiful calligraphy by ?, right: a scary creature by BLU
If this monster swallows your euro and you are lucky enough, 
it will spread its wings, bounce a bit and open its tired eyes.
Anna Frank by Jimmy C
To quote our guide: "And I don't know what this fetish with dead 
animals should be anyway." It made be turn red...

Turns out that this piece is part of the Nike campaign. Yes, not very comme il faut in the street art scene, but it's still worth mentioning Vhils' other pieces and his amazing technique.
Can't remember the artist's name. Apparently, when it's dark they project a flag on 
the wall, so that it looks as if the astronaut was holding it in his hand. Wicked.
And after work I also had the time to sneak 
into this fantastic Museum of Communication!
All the geeky joy! I could stare for hours at the cables, 
triodes or these porcelain insulators for telegraph poles!
An early telegraph with electric needles
And also I discovered this magic place known as Medienarchaeologischer Fundus at the Humboldt University. Not only was it funny to meet the author of a book I was using for my MA thesis (especially me telling him: "Oh, you know this guy who wrote this book..."). But also hilarious to find out that they actually borrowed us three objects for the Evil Media exhibition!


  1. Yeah we have been at the astronaut at night ;-)

    1. Is that the place where you were dancing until 3am? :)

    2. No, I went there with Yulia on my first visit to Berlin. We went to an israeli bar :-)


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