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The endless flow of essay-writing eventually came to an end and has been taken over by a new term accompanied by fresh thoughts and naive resolutions. After spending one week in the library, I was very happy to be able to attend the lectures and the seminars, which officially started a week ago.

The only positive thing about sitting in the library is the view.
Zoom in and look at the OTHER London on the horizon.

The lovely old building with the white front in the middle is my Lab.
The whole building is a former bath and still has a swimming pool ambiance  
in the back. You can sneak into the ateliers of fine arts students, which are 
in this huge bath part at the moment.

Today we were doing a 6-hour workshop on data base philosophy, as I would call it. We spent a lot of time unravelling cottons of different length, colour and material (some of them even wet and smelly, from Graham's boat), thus trying to understand the principles of data storage in a data base, categorisation of items and the human need for putting everything into a specific order in general. After that we built our own "cotton data base", wiping the whole room with strange connections and knots, letting some cottons even hang out of the windows...
I came home with a headache, thinking of spatial and temporal approaches to map the architecture of a data base... On the other hand, I noticed that essay-writing helped me to take this masochistic relationship towards philosophising-till-your-brain-hurts to a new level of brutality.

Tomorrow we'll have a guest lecturer Steve Goodman, who is a professor and at the same time a DJ. He has done a lot of research on sound in relation to power and analysed governmental sound terror and torturing techniques as well as many other interesting things. Check out his book "Sonic warfare. Sound, effect and the ecology of fear." Hope it's gonna be exciiiiting.

Greenwich park on my first free Saturday for ages

Exploring Shoreditch markets with Anna & Anila on a sunny Sunday

Have a lovely week!


  1. Спасибо, Пандикс! Очень интересно!
    "Zoom in and look at the OTHER London on the horizon" - класс!
    И эта фраза мне очень понравилась: "On the other hand, I noticed that essay-writing helped me to take this masochistic relationship towards philosophising-till-your-brain-hurts to a new level of brutality" :)


  2. OK, this sounds more and more as if your subject were just "computer science for women". :D Still, I like what you're doing.

  3. LiGrinb
    Спасибо! Илюха навёл меня на мысль, что никто из родителей этого читать не будет из-за языка. Так что я тобой очень горжусь :)

    Hmm, led by two nerdy guys? And driven further by another guy who's mad about physics? Though, you are right that sociology in general is often associated with a female subject (my MA programme is within the Department for Cultural Studies). But there are still many men lecturing, working, studying, etc. there.

  4. Prikolno, Pandiks!! :-) I like the view :)

  5. Hello Anna,

    I used to go to Laurie Grove baths when it was still a swimming pool! Sometimes it we'd have a hot shower there for a few pennies because it was cheaper than heating up hot water at our flat.

    I have some photos somewhere of a bit of aquatic Performance Art we Lush Designs people got involved in in the 80s in those very same baths. We were called Jugnost then and performance/wearable art was our thing. How have we evolved into Lush designs? I dunno.


    1. Hi Maria (or Marie? I'm really confused :))

      Wow, is it true? I thought it was a swimming pool a really really long time ago. Haha, love the story with the hot shower!
      Would be great to see the pictures, if you still have them! So you were the reason for giving these baths to art students? :) Where did you study arts? And what is wearable art? Does Jugnost somehow refer to the Russian word Junost (=youth)?


  6. very cool. so wish i could come and visit you!

  7. I am Maria. Marie is the other Lush Designs person. We studied at Maidstone College of Art as was. We had heard the word Jugnost but didn't know what it meant. Thought it was funny because 'Jugs' is another word for tits in olde worlde vulgar parlance. I'll try and dig out those photos. x


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