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Wow, it's been a craaazy week! Too many things happening, too much information. It just doesn't fit into my poor little head. Here is our evening programme in short:

On Monday evening me and Ilja went to the Jamboree music bar. I started writing about and just went on and on and on... After which I decided that this event deserves a separate post.

On Tuesday evening we went to a single release party of Nick McCarthy's Box Codax band in a music studio in Soho. With free drinks! We stood next to Alex, the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand, who gave us his Kleenex to stuff our ears with it, as it was just too loud. What an honour.

On Wednesday Ilja went to the BFI (British Film Institute), I was just too tired for that. Later at night Maria & Raphi arrived after a long journey from the airport!

On Thursday we went to the Theatre Royal Haymarket and enjoyed The Tempest with Ralph Fiennes as Prospero in the very first row! Very impressive indeed! (below an illegal pic ;-))

On Friday we met Zhenya and Lyosha for a dinner in the Japanese restaurant and had a cup of tea at their place afterwards.

On Saturday we were invited to the house warming party of my fellow student.
And on the seventh day God rested... :)

And this is just the evening programme, as I mentioned before! I still intend to write a documentation of my studies as I will need to hand it in by the end of semester anyway.
Say no more, say no more.
Nudge, nudge.


  1. Anna sieht aus wie ein Astronaut!
    Grüße aus, em, Eurem Zimmer :)

  2. Haha, stimmt! Bereite mich auf den Flug nach München vor nächste Woche. Noch ein bisschen Training (tauchen, aus den Tuben essen) und es kann losgehen! :)

    Gibts es Neuigkeiten aus dem All? Ähh, aus unserem/deinem Zimmer?


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