Glitch Art Exhibition - Opening Talk

 Last December I was invited to make an opening speech for the Glitch Art exhibition of Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz at Europäisches Künstlerhaus Schafhof in Freising. I felt very honoured, as I've written an essay and my MA thesis based on the analysis of Rosa's work. Back then I interviewed her several times. A couple of months later she embarked on a PhD programme at my uni in London, whilst I was finishing my MA there. We've stayed in touch ever since, and Rosa became a dear friend of mine. So it was an immense pleasure for me to talk about the key points of glitch art and hopefully, to spark some enthusiasm for the beauty of its concept and ideals in other people visiting this exhibition.

You can read my speech here

Rosa and Nick came all the way for the finissage of the exhibition, to participate in a highly inspirational artist talk. I was thrilled to see one of my favourite topics unfolding in a completely different space and context.

Thanks so much to Eike, Beatrix, Julia and everyone else involved in putting up this exhibition and bringing such brilliant international artists to Bavaria! Note: All pictures in this post are courtesy of the Europäisches Künstlerhaus Schafhof.

With Eike and Rosa

Rosa's youngest fan

Nick Briz during his artist talk


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