Edible Keyboard - maKey maKey Workshop for KJR Fachtag

So as I already mentioned in the previous post I had to take a cab in London at 3am, in order to get the train to Gatwick, to get the 6.20am flight to Munich, take the S-Bahn from the airport, run into my place and grab everything for the workshop, rush after the next S-Bahn to Pullach to get to the workshop on time :) 

Set in a beautiful castle, my maKey maKey workshop was part of the New Media conference for  Kreisjugendring employees (a huge pedagogical organisation in Munich) on 21 February.

To get started after an introduction to technical maKey maKey details, we constructed a playground on the floor for a simple colour game in Scratch, in which participants were making one of the electrical connections by stepping with their bare feet on a piece of foil, and the other by touching their team partner. We had lots of fun!

The next task for the young teachers was to design an interactive environment, which would involve the objects in the room. It was inspired by this amazing HacKIDemia musical room project in Austin. One of the teams wired up the whole buffet Alice-in-Wonderland-style, making touch-sensitive giggling fruits, musical coffee cups and other drinks, etc. The second team adjusted some of the audience's chairs, but adding buttons and foil to it, so that the chairs would laugh out loud when touched. These creations caused a big confusion, once everybody gathered in the hall, coming back from all the other workshops to share their experiences.

In the end every workshop group presented their results to each other. So my group decided to let everybody play the bare-feet colour game once again ))

It was a very joyful workshop with inspiring participants, and despite a sleepless night I did not feel tired at all. Great fun! Thank you so much Alice for organising the whole day, for inviting me and for taking part yourself as well!


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