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Next week is the start of the new term at the university and I'm gonna teach a newly established  seminar on Interactive Media for Children at the LMU, which involves many exciting cooperation partners! Also, I'm setting up a media theory reading group. Primarily for art & multimedia students, but basically all students and teachers you are welcome to join: computer scientists, future art educators, philosophers, sociologists and so on.
Also, me and Ilja have created a new blog called What's on in Mü, with weekly previews of upcoming events. It's just a selection of one-time events which we personally find interesting and worthy to check out. You can subscribe to new posts by submitting your e-mail in the box on the right.

This week I've been mainly working at the library of the Deutsches Museum, which I only recently discovered. I am very impressed! You can access both the library and the huge archive, and you don't need to register, just walk in and absorb the knowledge! I can highly recommend this place for researching or quiet working. The library is huge and empty,  the staff is very friendly, and you get a view of the Isar reflecting the inflamed colours of the autumn trees!

For the first time in my life I've used an analogue data base. It's beautiful, but such a pain! We, the children of the digital age, are extremely inpatient! Even though everything is thoroughly structured, it still takes ages to find anything relevant. And you can't just scroll down with a mouse scanning the list for the right words, you have to actually turn over every single card. There is also this metal cabinet, which comprises a hand-written catalogue of really old documents, acquired by the museum  between 1903 (its foundation) and 1930s.
Last weekend I was giving a workshop for kids and right afterwards one for adults at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, together with Steffi and Klaus - experimental fashion - collage - media and just-all-around artists. Both workshops were fantastic! It felt like everyone involved was happy: the kids, the adults, the museum staff, and of course us. Here are some impressions:
Have a nice weekend everyone!


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