Back to work and autumn plans

After a short summer break I am back to town and already jumped headlong into the studio work. It's not easy to embrace this gloomy chilly rain after several months of stunning weather, but I am trying hard.

My inspiration board for the past months: El Greco, Lora Zombie, Jessica Tremp, Tania Alisova, a photograph of Dustin Hoffman,
and a fox which doesn't want to work (it only wants to snarl фыр-фыр-фыр).

To share some more inspiration with you and get you into a tinkering mood, eliciting you out of your room / office space, I'd like to invite you to the Wearable Technology workshops at the beautiful Bayerisches Nationalmuseum on the 29 of September. Or alternatively, you could send your kids away to the workshop for youngsters and have a party in their absence! During this session you will learn the basics of soft circuits, hardware hacking, sewing and soldering from three media and textile artists, and walk out with your own Speaking Bag! Get your tickets now! Here for you and here for your kids.

Something you'll learn in this workshop. Can you guess what it is?
Other goodies this autumn include lots of teaching, submissions and collaborations with lovely people. Starting from October I'll be at the LMU again, however I'll be offering a completely different course than last winter, which will be more like a patchwork of different topics, experimental tasks and external partners feeding into the whole process. I'm very excited how everything is going to evolve around it, but can't tell you more right now.

Stay tuned and have a nice week!


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