KIKS Kinder Kultur Sommer 2013

For the last two weeks I was working with Spielkultur again, this time at the KIKS Kinder Kultur Sommer - a festival for school children in their last week before the summer break. It was my first experience working with a whole school class and working for 9 hours almost non-stop. And I tried out many new things I have never done before: I was teaching how to programme Lego Mindstorm robots, how to create stop-motion cartoons, as well as how to draw and colour comics digitally. Have a look at the cute kids at work!

Kids working on a stop-motion film about Bavarian Simpsons in the circus. You can check out the results here.
Working on a super clever sci-fi comic
and bringing some digital colour into the hand drawn pictures
Inventing edible musical instruments with MaKey-MaKey
our venue: the Old Congress Hall


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