In the FabLab basement

The clock is ticking like crazy, and so it is about time to catch up withso many news and past events. Keep coming back to this blog, as there will be several updates in the following days.

Let's start with June then. I was running another session of Speaking Bag workshops: one for adults and one for kids, both in the FabLab M√ľnchen. FabLab is a community and technology focused shared workshop (workshop as in a working space with shared tools and machines like 3D printer and laser cutter, in Ger.: Werkstatt). It is a creative and educational place run by several enthusiasts, initially by Birgit and Andreas, who manage and oversee so many things there. The FabLab also offers various techie workshops and evening events. Have a look at their webpage.

It was a pleasure to be working there, especially with the lovely participants I had! Everybody seemed to be very relaxed and cheerful. Here is a sweet article written by Sabine who was also taking part. Have a lovely weekend everybody!


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