Speaking Bags - wearable sound hacking workshop

Yesterday I had a first go with my new Speaking Bag workshop. It was also my first soft circuit workshop aimed for kids. And I think all in all it went really well.

Despite the city being almost in a condition of a swimming pool with water coming from all four directions, there were 7 participants, just as planned. And a huge 'thank you' goes to Astrid who came to help me out!

Honestly, children are amazing. There are many things which they apprehend faster than adults. They get some concepts immediately and stick to the work until that something is finished. Well, at least sometimes :)

The workshop lasted much longer than I planned, but there wasn't much you could do with that weather anyway.
The next workshop is for adults and it's on Tuesday night. And that one is already fully booked. But it's definitely not the last one, so stay tuned!


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