Speaking Bag Workshop at the FabLab tomorrow!

Attention attention! Still a couple of places left for tomorrow's Speaking Bag Workshop!
Come and hack a sound recording device, stitch with conductive thread and learn how to make soft buttons! In the end you will have your super-individual bag with your own design and your voice record. It's from 7pm to 22pm, 28€ + 15€ for supplies, and you can register here.

photo and bag by Olga Mirenska
There is this also a huge list of past events I wanted to share at this point.
First of all, a week ago I teamed up with beautiful artist friends Steffi and Klaus for a workshop / event for Siemens. We hacked T-Shirts, which would light up when the colleagues hugged each other, pressing a soft button on the back. (I like this pun in German, where participants "drücken sich", which implies both activities at the same time.) The people were incredibly friendly and managed quite a lot within the tight time scope of only 2,5 h. I loved working with Steffi who is an incredibly skilled sewer, and Klaus who was a great support with the technical side and circuit sketches.

Luckily, the workshop took place by the Spitzinger See in the Alpes, and luckily, it fell on an extremely hot day so we could take a swim after the hard work!

last picture by Klaus Erich Dietl

And two weeks before that I was leading another Makey-Makey workshop for kids. This time I decided to focus on edibles / drinkables as input (bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and coke tins worked best!) and on computer game classics as output (to promote gaming as cultural heritage, obviously). The workshop was part of the Hasenbergl Cultural Centre festival, and my niece Esther was helping me with literally everything, even sweeping the floor after everything was over! What a great supporter!

briefing Esther
Esther in action
Guess what?
All pictures are courtesy of mine, unless stated otherwise


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