Exhibition Opening: A Journey from East to South

Last Friday our art collective Beddow 'n Battini had an opening of an exhibition hosted by the Hatched Gallery in London. It was part of our interactive art & literature project 100 Word Pilgrimage, which we were previously showcasing in December. I came over from Munich for the second day of the exhibition and was amazed by the set up which was so diverse and elaborated on many facets of a journey, encouraging the audience to join in.

Here is a new illustration of mine, and below is the accompanying animation, which is accessible with the augmented reality app Aurasma. (If you download it, you can test it where-ever you are by pointing at the illustration on your computer screen.)

 This time new pictures and writings were hung up in a vivid curve, to support the flow and rhythm of the journey.

Tania's amazing new piece: a Shoreditch hipster in winter time :)
Wumi's crazy perspective illustration 
with a focus on Vietnamese people in Whitechapel
Ailish's delicate illustration with Tania's brilliant ink animation. loved it

What really amazed me was a huge mural, which guys produced within just one week! I loved every bit of it! I wonder if we could take it on a journey as well. Despite the fact that artists with very individual styles have been working on it, it works really well together and all parts merge into one mural organically.
In other parts of the exhibition there were pieces from the previous show, a mind-map of the project development and an interactive corner inviting the visitors to share their own journey through London.

It is a very nice feeling to know that collaboration can also work over distances. It was inspiring to get these creative vibes from London while working in Munich. And midnight skype-clinic on composition and light with Tania are awesome!

It all ended with suspiciously cheap burgers at Weatherspoon's :))))

The exhibition will be on until May 24! Southwark Studios, Rich House, 4th Floor, 40 Crimscott Street, London, SE1 5TE. Come along!

(Here is a review of the exhibition in Russian by moscowlondon. 
Здесь можно почитать про выставку в жж moscowlondon по-русски.)


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