Exhibition: A story behind a photograph

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up an exhibition with students of the Russian Cultural Centre GOROD in Munich. The opening was on the 16th March and the show will be on for at least another month. For this project I teamed up with Alya, the content pro. My part was to develop a visual concept, to co-coordinate and produce.

The exhibition is based on young people's stories around photographs from their family archives, narrated in Russian and German. Set up as a train trip, it takes the visitors on a journey through time and space, from the middle of the 20th century to the present time, from Germany to the East of Russia.
Pictures bellow taken by rromashka

 This exhibition wouldn't have been possible without a number of people involved. Firstly, I want to thank the incredibly inventive technicians Borja Fischmann, Ilja Galle and Lew Tyves who were working around the clock. Secondly, the young authors themselves, who helped to produce the exhibition. They were cutting, painting, gluing, etc. etc., and stayed up until 6am to finish the set-up in time before the opening! And thirdly, all the people who were around at the right time and helped out with whatever was on. THANK YOU!

And a bit of making of:

 For all those who can, here is a lively review in Russian.


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