BirLeeen sparkles

Last week I was working at Transmediale in Berlin. And I tried to make friends with the city really hard this time. Our relationship got better, but dear Berlin, I'm still not convinced that you can be as charming and complex as my old cham London. Yes, I am biased, but what can I do.

Luckily this time I had more time to discover exciting sides of Berlin, and the weather allowed it too! I really loved the underground stations:

 And now for something completely different...
a family-run Turkish fish restaurant

London-style cafes

The veggiest Dönner I ever had, mmm )

A cute French cafe with great coffee, madeleine and truffles

 A 1929 silent film "Man with a Movie Camera" by Dziga Vertov, 
with live-band, in the currently fancy Neukölln area.

Loved the so-not-Munich side of Berlin:

And the gorgeous old houses!

Many thanks to Yulia and Laura for hosting, drinking, laughing and walking in the rain :)


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