And now for a little bit of geeky joy.
This year I got a very unusual birthday present. And it's called MaKey MaKey.


MaKey MaKey is an Arduino based board, which works as a keyboard, once connected to computer through a usb-cable. Hence, you can use it as an input method for every possible application, website, etc. With the help of crocodile clips you can easily connect it to anything at least a bit conductive, creating your own buttons. As it uses high resistance switching, unexpected things can be used as switches: fruits, veggies, skin, literally anything wet, aluminum foil, etc.

The design is very simple:


To get an idea, check out this promo video showing ways 
to experiment with different materials and applications:


Needless to say, we started playing around with it straight away, 
clipping every possible fruit or human to the electronic board. 
Here is a selection of things we tried out:
Wet food worked really well! Another nice idea was to close the circuit 
by drinking coke out of a metal can. Everything's conductive!

 skin, bien sûr!


On the picture above you see fruity arrow-keys competing in Tetris against veggie keys!
And here is a video of a musical compositions with the MaKey MaKey piano interface:

So, what do you two say to this?
 Oh, just kiss and close the circuit, will you?!


  1. looks nice but i did not get the idea. AD, Lörrach

    1. The idea is that you can create a keyboard out of any physical object, as long as it's a bit conductive.

      Did you have a look at the first video? It illustrates the concept quite well.

  2. This is freaking amazing, especially considering how easy it is!

    1. True! :)
      I'm a bit concerned about the limits of possible experimentation though. So far I've seen pretty similar things of other people's projects online. There are more restrictions than you think at first. But we'll see, it's just the beginning.

  3. Ha-ha, in four days I'll play too! Hurra!
    No! We'll be playing!

    1. Хехе, вы такие смешные )) Я вас лю!


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