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Love you when the sun comes out! 


The other day I cycled to the centre for the first time, instead of taking the tube. Before that I only had the courage to cycle to the college all the way through parks and quiet roads. And I must say, I discovered a convincing number of cycle lanes (even though they're part of the busy roads) and met many cyclists on my way, which was reassuring.

It's such a beautiful way to explore the city with all it's beauties and "uglies". I saw so many beautiful corners, churches, parks and quiet streets South from the Thames, still waiting to be introduced to me. And on my way back I saw... well... Bermondsey. South Bermondsey. Never realised how huge it is. It's a pity I don't have any pictures, as it was already getting dark.

Oh yes, I was complaining that there is no "golden" autumn over here. Well, I just had to be a bit patient. 

Upd.: How cynical is that. Here I am, writing my first post on cycling ever, just to discover 20 minutes later that my bike was stolen...


  1. Oh no, really sad :( But at least you got to use it first!! Don't worry, be happy! Big kiss and hug!

  2. Oh no! And I was just going to ask if you used TFL's cycle routes! Hope some kind person gives you a bike (so many people have them but never use them) x

    1. Yes, I did use TFL maps but didn't find them too helpful. I only have one month to go in London anyway before I'll return to Munich, so it's not too bad. Just a bit sad.

      Have you seen my reply to the previous post?


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