HOW IT WAZ: Soft circuit graffiti at Moving Forest

I'm back from busy craziness and I can do some blogging now! Last Wednesday I participated in the Moving Forest project, which turned out to be very noisy and a lot of fun!

Getting organised at home

...and finally it works!

For the Act 4 I went to Chelsea College of Art and Design to set up my table for stitching. 

There were plenty things going on, like a number of music performances (some of them right behind my back)

Onigiri force supplied everybody with yummy onigiri. 

Graham, my tutor, was showing his Invisible Airs project (together with Stephen).

Emilie with her noisy instrument:

As for me, luckily, I had quite a few participants, all being very enthusiastic about stitching, which made me very happy. I even got some men on board, who were not intimidated by female majority. So every one started stitching one of the 500 slogans for the Moving Forest with cotton yarn, as electrical thread is very delicate and is not suitable for free-style stitching. (Physics is strict!)

As I expected, stitching with "normal" thread took ages, so we did not have much time left for soft circuitry. Nevertheless, you can admire some beautiful luminous and non-luminous pieces here: 

Three hours of Act 4 passed by incredibly fast, culminating with a weird sonic experience behind my back and a neighbour complaining about the noise! Huge fun!!!



  1. I didn't get the part with physics...where did it play a role in the stitching?

  2. Okay..Now I have read the post before :-)


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