Early steps of public intervention

I just realised I never posted my first term project documentation here. Well, it's never too late! This documentation actually covers just the social part of the project. 

This project is all about the Olympic games, which are, by the way, coming to London just in one week. Aaaah! Yes, it's about the Olympics and all those trees which had to be cut down to give way to this two-week madness. So my idea was to bring the trees "back to their roots" and symbolically let them run a marathon to eventually replant themselves.

Now, trees are generally not very mobile, so I went for flowers for a start. Remote controlled flowers, to be precise.

The technical part of this project was to design an alternative way of controlling these "trees". Initially I wanted to build a pipe, which would move the trees if you blew into it. But because we were not allowed to finish anything after the first term, I stopped when all the hacking and coding was done and I knew how I could have finished. 

Tree Marathon from Anna B on Vimeo.

What turned out to be much more important was the social part. This was the first time 
ever I went out in public to test a project. And to change my vision of artistic research for ever. This is what the video is actually about. 

What was completely unexpected but turned out to be hilarious, was the fact that all my rc cars operated on the same frequency. Which means that you can move all these cars using just one remote control! Thus, firstly, you cannot identify YOUR car because you don't understand which one you are actually controlling and, secondly, you can never win this marathon.

Long live the accident! Hip-hip!


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