Sensational Memory: a set of mini-experiments

As my final term just started yesterday, it's time to share my adventures from my previous term or everything will get lost and suppressed by the new stuff.

From end of January until March I worked in a group of three (with a girl from Greece and another girl from Saudi Arabia) and had to face my "germanness" in organisational things, which I was never aware of before. (For instance, what is a person who spent the past 10 years in Germany supposed to say to the Southern concept, that meetings should not be planned and that they just come at some point?) But all in all, the group work was fun and adventurous.

We decided to investigate media and memory, although our first set of experiments doesn't seem to relate to media at all. But remember, media and technology are always involved in everything ;)) The videos bellow document our explorations of memory and senses.

With our first experiment we aimed to explore perception of retro-technical sounds (like modem dial-up, telegraph, typing machine) put out of context in Hyde Park. Yet we couldn't put it entirely out of context, as looking for a place to hide the laptop we didn't find anything better than... a rubbish bin. While you watch the video, please note: it's just Queen's police. You must admit, that this is disappointing. Not even a proper one. We were told that we need Royal Permission to conduct any art experiments in Hyde Park.That's why the soundtrack of the video - "Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl" by the Beatles.

Apparently, getting in trouble with police is the best thing you can do, when you study anything related with arts at Goldsmiths. The story was a big success in the class.

Sound Bombing. Exploring Sonic Memory..

The second video doesn't really need explanations. Still in Hyde Park.
And this time we didn't even get in trouble :)

Take a sniff and tell a story. Exploring Olfactory Memory..

And finally, in our third experiment we blindfolded our participants at Brick Lane market, who were supposed to guess the nationality of cuisine by smelling or sometimes tasting the food.

Tasting Memories. Mapping Smells..

And after all of that I became an expert in public interventions... or NOT :-)


  1. Great story. Your colleagues boots are quite high-heeled. I kept looking at them and thinking "interesting choice".

    1. Oh yes, there is actually a sad story behind those high heels. After are experiments at Brick Lane she stumbled and fell of the stairs! After that she was lying for weeks at home :( And the NHS once again proved everything I expected from them, saying that they don't x-ray women between 20 and 30 and that she should take painkillers instead. So after a week she ended up in a hospital, because she got so sick of the amount of painkillers...


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