My favourite shop

Two weeks ago we went to Greenwich again. And going to Greenwich means passing by Lush Designs, a lovely shop with brilliant illustrations by Maria Livings and Marie Rodgers. They print them on lampshades, kitchen towels, cups, plates and and and. It immediately became my favourite shop: so bright, filled with dimmed lights and inspiring images.

When I saw those kitchen towels I knew exactly what I want to do with them. You must agree with me that it would be a shame to use them for the dirty kitchen work.

Now our home is (almost) perfect!

And a small Sunday walk:
Last weekend we discovered this secret spot 
on top of a shopping center. Going up...

...walking on the roof and enjoying the view!

And some sculptures in a dusty display window.
 Oh wait a minute, it's an architectural concept. 

St. Paul's from the double-decker's point of view.

Walking around Borough market, we spotted this food store for nostalgic German immigrants. It never occurred to me that you can miss something apart from rye bread and good old sausages. But apparently some people do miss weird chemical Dr. Oetker mixes. The whole setting reminded me of Russian food stores in Germany. It had the same pseudo-nostalgic atmosphere, trying to substitute homesickness with long-forgotten food items.

Have a nice weekend! 


  1. I love what you did with the tea towels! x

  2. That's strange. Aren't there similar mixes in GB? Do they really need Dr. Oetker? But you're probably right, this is just about nostalgy.
    Nice towels, btw. :D

  3. Great, what you did with the towels!! :)


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