German Christmas markets and British clichés

Last week-end's visit to Hyde park. Christmas market turned out to be a mixture of what it is supposed to be plus Oktoberfest. 

Mmm, mulled wine or Glühwein... 
or greenhouse, or spoon

 They just brought over some rollercoaster from Munich, without even
changing the German names. Very authentic indeed. 

And how can a true Bavarian soul look at this without disgust?

This, my friends, is a piece of art. It's a small copy of Marble Arch 
and it's filled with garbage, gathered from the streets of Westminster 
within one day... And it stinks! I like it nevertheless.

Although the decorators try very hard, it doesn't feel "christmasy" at all. 
It's way too warm. But I don't mind :)))


  1. brezel :((( I hope that you did not try any, I would not be able to.

  2. No no no, I would never try any brezel for 4,50£ !!! ))))

  3. > brezel :((( I hope that you did not try any, I would not be able to
    >> there, I recognize a true Bavarian soul! :))

  4. I've really enjoyed looking at your blog. Its fun seeing London through someone else's eyes.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment! What a wonderful surprise! I bought a "mermaid" lamp at your store the day before yesterday and just literally fell in love with all your designs! I even asked whether you had curtains with these beautiful patterns. It was definitely not my last visit! :)


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