A London-ish week-end

Enough of glossy life, this time I want to show you the shabby side of London. And a lot more. This is our walk on a lovely day two weeks ago:

Well, this park is not particularly shabby, but wait for it...

Ahaaa, here we go, a railway bridge.

What a naughty, naughty boy!!!

 Next we did a tiny bit of the "Secret London" tour, a cool book Ilya got on his birthday.

This is an old market hall, as far as I can remember.

Isn't it cool?! The first public drinking fountain... with chained cups!
Replace it or die.

And we finally got there! Occupy Wallstreet! Worth having a look at.

Don't know why St. Pauls complains, they have PLENTY of space!

Hey look, they're writing about us ;-)

This was our alternative just for the case we wouldn't find any flat in London. Good, ey? 
They even sold coffee and tea in one tent. A place for hippies and students.

A weird guy performing a sort of Irish dance, 
but I don't remember what the whole thing had to do with Israel....

 And after this long walk we went to a Brazilian rodizio, which was still planned as a part of Ilya's birthday. (For those who don't know: it's an all-you-can eat with a buffet, which was not that interesting, and with guys bringing you all sorts of delicious grilled meat... and they won't stop unless you turn your card to the NO side. And even this won't stop some of them.)  We had enough meat for the rest of our lives! At least that's what I thought for the next two days...


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