It's been a long while

Now I'll show you our home.

No, I'd rather start with the famous Brick Lane market. We finally managed to get there last Sunday. It used to be pretty alternative (like Camden market a long time ago) but has already turned into something fancy. Everybody was very styled and the place was not cheap at all. But the good thing was we could still walk around and admire brilliant street art.

Look at the pink dragon on the right.

A street artist who is famous for carving his pictures into walls

It's huge!!!

People enjoying their meal in the street.

Now to our sweet studio flat. It's quite spacious... for London! And apart from having a burglary on the third day, we feel pretty safe. Sounds strange, I know. The really Munich-ish thing about our way of life is that we actually spent more nights in here WITH than WITHOUT guests so far.

Our funny table with funny chairs, which turned out to be very 
convenient in terms of space saving.

Our first borsh :))

Our first guests. They kindly left us their brand new 
air mattress for the next guest-generations

Our flat from the lamp's point of view

Online grocery shopping :) Home delivery to come! 
No more shopping with a huge suitcase :)

And this is the cute Canada water area. The most quiet and peaceful place in the central East London I've seen so far :) (No, don't think of the burglary, just keep ignoring it.)

Meet Anna, my Greek fellow student who speaks Russian 
and lives nearby. Should I call her "pub neighbour"?


  1. +1 eshe ponravilas' nadpis' pro tualeti :)

  2. А что, Борщ был не вкусный? Ты так на не смотрешь...

  3. Muza Genrixovna
    спасииибо! Это просто солнышко пригрело :)

    Да, вот только где они provided не так и просто найти :)

    Вкусный-вкусный! Я просто озабочена его поеданием. Дело отвественное :)

    А вчера Илюха впервые в жизни сварил суп! Овощной! Без сыра и без бульона. Говорит, что суп должен быть честный :) Вот какой у меня хороший муж, ждёт жену с едой, когда она возвращается с хакерского воркшопа. Потому что знает: жену хлебом не корми, дай только проводочки поподключать :)


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