Favourite painters

I always have time for things I am not supposed to do. Like this one. Although I started thinking of this post a long time ago.

Here are painters, who are very special to me. Most of them I love deeply.
And yes, there are almost no contemporary painters among them. That's because in my opinion arts is gone in a very installative direction. So recently I became much more interested in illustrators and photographers. To me, they seem to be more honest in a way, less conceptual.

Ok, here we go. I am sure I have forgotten somebody. So please tell me!

Chagall, Renoir, Vermeer,
Banksy, Lora Zombie, El Greco,
Gauguin, Ernst, Klee,
Turner, Hundertwasser, Vrubel',
Frida Kahlo, Modigliani 

What about your favourite painters?


  1. OK, let me think... Toulouse-Latrec? I thought you liked him a lot, didn't you? And van Gogh?

    My list would include many of the above, but also Bruegel, Miro and Kirchner. And probably many more I can't think of right now.


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