Trying to catch up with time, everything is happening so fast! Went to Marburg and Frankfurt last week-end to visit some relatives and friends and had such a cozy time! And this week I have spent three evenings at the Filmfest: I've seen John Malkovich being awarded by Veronika Ferres and watches "Colour me Kubrik", which was quite fun, although I've only seen one and a half of Kubrik's films.

Went to the "Animation meeting" on Thursday which was really cool! There were a guy, who worked for a "Hereafter" by Clint Eastwood another one whose company did the special effects for all Harry Potter films. It's amazing what the postproduction can do to with original shots nowadays.

And today I am looking forward to seeing Ioseliani's new film "Chantrapas" as well as himself receiving an award. And afterwards we're going to see a new Russian film "Truce". It's gonna be a long evening :)


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